Why I use Google Fi

I think in this point everyone have heard of Google Fi.

It is a cellular service that provided by Google.

Google combines three different carriers in US and automatically switching between your signal status.

Google Fi is in fact not cheap plan.

Base price is $20 and every 1GB of data you use, you pay $10.

so if you used 4GB of data you have to pay $60

Most of the major carriers provide the unlimited data plan for less than $60.

However, I decided to keep use Google Fi. Here are some reasons.

  1. Simple Roaming Plan  – So, when you go travel to aboard, your data plan is exactly the same, which is $10 per 1GB. This make things so easy. Since I can use data for phone call, I don’t have to worry about the extra charge when I use my data plan aboard.
  2. Free Data Only Sim Card – Most of the major carriers, you need to buy extra plan for your tablet, but with Google Fi you don’t. Simply order the data only sim from the website and you can activate your tablet with it. The tablet is not getting any number. You cannot make call and data rate is exactly the same. $10 per 1GB
  3. Good Customer Service – The overall customer service is not above average, but it is running by Google and they know how to save customer’s time. I always have to waste at least 1 hour with AT&T, but with Google Fi, I can send email or live chat and most of the issue is being resolved with the customer representative. However, it is not perfect.
  4. Intuitive Website – Most of the Google business is based on web. So they know how to make the website. It is very fast and easy to find what I want. Compare to conventional carriers, I had to make so many clicks to find out the information that I want. 
  5. Spend Less Time With Phone – I think this is a good thing. I have to pay for every click on LTE connection. I can tell I spend less time with my phone. I think it is good for my mental health.

Also want to talk about the the cons

  1. Cost – the price is really not cheap. I have really good wifi coverage at home and work. That’s how I save data.
  2. eSim – You can order a physical sim and activate, but when I got my Pixel 3 it did not came with physical sim card. I had to replace the phone due to the malfunction and I want to use my old phone, but I could not because I don’t have the sim to move. That was the worst experience and I could not use the phone for 3 days. My Pixel 3 works fine now, but I ordered physical sim and activated it.

If you can save some data from wifi and you travel regularly to aboard I think Google Fi is a good service.

If you like to watch YouTube on your LTE and don’t have wifi connection at work, then you want to stick with the original carrier.

If you decided to join the Google Fi, please consider using my referral link. Both you and I will get some credit that you can use towards your bill.

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