What is Proxmox

Proxmox is powerful open-source server solution.

It provide virtualization and containerization.

It is Debian based hypervisor, so it is easy to use and easy to learn.

This is main dashboard of the Proxmox.

Once you install the Proxmox on your computer, all of the management is done on the web.

You can also access the console from the web, which you will find it very helpful


The biggest advantage of Proxmox over ESXi or Hyper-v is it support the Linux container OOTB.

I can download the Ubuntu, centOS container image and spin up a container with its own IP.

Also, support convert the container into the template, so you can install the application that you always use and make it into template.

Once you need another Linux container, simply make a container from your own template, so it have everything that you want pre-installed.

You also can do Linked-clone, which will share the storage of the base image, so make thousands of containers without using any disk space.

once you start make changes in each container, you will only use up the portion of the changes that you made.

This is very good for home use, because not everyone have a lots of storage, but also good for enterprise, because they can make thousands of containers without using any disk space.


There are even more about the Proxmox.

HA, Ceph, Live migration ETC

I can’t cover everything within this post, so I will slowly but surely cover other features of the Proxmox.

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