What is Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged does not mean anything by the word itself.

However, it is really a big deal in the infrastructure.

Simply speaking, hyperconverged contains computing power and storage in one box.

There are more features.

HA, shared storage and live migration is the biggest feature of hyperconverged infrastructure.

There are some requirement for it. You need to have a cluster with minimum of three nodes.

The software will automatically distribute the files across the drives, so when a node is down, they automatically re-distribute and rebalance the storage.

All the drives are connected through the network. cluster will benefit from high bandwidth network.

HDD is slow, so it does not require a massive amount of bandwidth. 10 ~ 20 Gbe is good enough for HDD cluster.

However, all flash cluster is different story.

Flash storage have higher throughput compare to HDD.

It really depends on how many SSDs are in the one node. but usually require 20 ~ 40 Gbe for all flash cluster.

If you only have 10Gbe connection, the network speed will be your bottleneck.

There are few ways to build the hyperconverged by yourself.

If you are running a company and have dedicated fund for infrastructure, then go with brand new Dell servers with VMWare and ScaleIO.

However, if you are like me, you might want to look for some cheaper or free options.

Proxmox is a free option that provide hyperconverged infrastructure for you.

Proxmox itself is a hypervisor, you can run VMs and Linux Containers on the Proxmox.

If you have three node Proxmox Cluster, you can setup a Ceph cluster.

Which will provide the software defined storage.

The Ceph can do object and block level, so it is good for both file share and Virtual Disk.

I did test setting up the Ceph on Proxmox with Virtual Machines, but currently I don’t have enough servers to deploy the cluster, so I still need to wait until I have three servers.

Once I get three servers, I definitely build a All Flash Hyperconverged Infrastructure, I will write a how to post and the performance testing of the Ceph with Proxmox


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