Introduce my Dell PowerEdge R720xd

I always want to own my own server.

Since i was middle school student, I used tomcat service to host my website.

Of course none of those were actual servers, I used my desktop or even laptop for it.

After I finish my CS degree and started to make money, I was looking for getting a retired server.

The retired server is a second hand server, which is being old to use in the actual production services, but it is good enough for homelab.

I searched Ebay and some other websites for couple of months and ended up with this R720xd with 24 2.5″ bays.

I still don’t have a server rack, so it is on the TV stand (I don’t have a TV, but have a TV stand)

I am planning to get a 16u or 18u server rack for me in the future.

Let me talk about this machine.

This is beast for my workload.

I have few Linux containers running on this machine.

This Website is running on this server.

This server support up to 24 2.5″ drives. I am planning to use SSD only.

SSD became cheap enough to put into a server and I personally found that it is more stable than spinning hard drive.

Currently I have ZFS Raid10 Setup and running Proxmox Hypervisor.

I know that ZOL does not support trim at this moment, but ZFS was the best option for me.

ZFS is very easy to use, simple command line. Everyone can get it in 10 minutes.

I want to start with few SSDs and expand as I need more storage space or speed.

I don’t want to buy all the same SSDs, or even same size SSDs and I think ZFS is the only file system that support stripe for different sized drives and don’t lose the usable space. (Other software raid might support this, but ZFS command line was too easy)

Currently have 4 SSDs, 2 120GB and 2 240GB.

4 SSDs are in ZFS Raid10 setup and usable space of 360GB.

There is nothing special inside, I don’t have rear Flexbay installed.

The only different thing is, I purchase the LSI 9211-8i (IT Mode) to passthrough all the raw drives to the OS.

I can do single drive raid0, but I cannot see the SMART Data and it is not a good practice.

I also have original Perc card removed since I am not going to use it at all.

This machine support 2 CPUs, each CPU have 6 cores and 12 thread.

So this machine have 24 threads in total.

I know memory configuration is not the optimal setup. But i think more the memory the better, so I throw in all the DDR3 ECC memory that I had at home.

Nothing really special on the back, but this machine came with dual 10Gbe NIC and dedicated iDrac port.

It is super overkill to have dual 1100W PSU. But this is what this machine came with so I am using it. No reason to buy a lower wattage power supply and swap it.

On the “idle” (it is running some services, but no visitor at this moment so it is almost idle) it consumes about 100w of electricity.

Which will consume 72kWh of energy per month and it will cost me about $5 per month.

I think $5 per month and running a server is worth every penny.

I will deploy more services and will add more memory and might be ends up with upgrading the CPUs.

At that time it will consume more electricity, but it will worth the upgrade.

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