DIY Cheap $40 Ikea Server Rack

So, after I get my first server I always wanted to get a server rack.

Which will make my server looks better, but it is somewhat expensive and I don’t want to put a full size server rack in my living room

So I went to Ikea and bought some rack and put my server on it.

It looks perfect and it is functional.

This is all I bought from Ikea and it cost $40 + tax

Of course you need to have some basic tool to build the rack but i guess if you have a homelab, you should have some basic tools.

This is where my server is placed, it is alright.

I limited the fan speed to 3000 RPM so it is not loud, however behind the server is where my dog’s crate is, so I always feeling bad about she has to sleep right next to somewhat noisy computer

This is how it looks like right now.

I put all the hardware boxes on the first floor and second floor have the server the third floor have the printer.

The rack is sitting right next to my computer desk,

When i use computer I can hear the noise but it is not too bad.

This is on the back so there is some space to work with.

I think I can put at least two more servers before I think I need a proper rack.

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