My Current Job

I am working as a Software Engineer at Dell EMC. Working with a small developer team with various backgrounds. Mainly building the FlexManager, the management tool goes with Dell Servers. 

Our team is building a small part of the FlexManager. Currently working on retrieving the LC Logs from all the servers that is managed by the FlexManager.


My Professional Experiences


Software Engineer I – Dell EMC – 01/2019 ~ Current

Switched to full-time from intern.

Software Engineer Intern – Dell EMC – 05/2018 ~ 12/2018

I worked at the Dell EMC Richardson, TX office. As a Software Engineer Intern, I mainly worked on the PoC. Few months later, I started working on the iDrac Simulator, which is not part of development requirement, but it allowed us to test the software without buying couple of racks of servers.

Help Desk IT Intern – CVE Technology Group – 07/2015 ~ 07/2016

The CVE Technology Group is located in Plano, TX. I worked as an Help Desk IT Intern. My main duty is resolve the tickets. Mainly fixing the computers and the network. CVE is a production company, so when they have a plan for new production line, I had to make sure that the plan is feasible for us to connect all the network to the computers in the new production line.

PHP Backend Developer Intern – Inappin Co. LTD – 01/2015 ~ 04/2015

Inappin is located in Seoul, South Korea. The company was developing the mobile games. They used the PHP and MariaDB for the backend services. I worked with a small team of developers and game designers. It was my first real world experience in development. Even it was only three months long, I was able to learn a lot from the company and the team members.

Sergeant – R.O.K. Army – 11/2011 ~ 07/2013





The University of Texas at Dallas, Bachelors in Computer Science. Graduated in 12/2018

Sponsored Senior Project

A high volume, low latency cloud-based data collection and reporting system – Fall 2018

Description : Utilizing Microsoft Azure VM to collect logs and make queries.

Technologies : Microsoft Azure, ElasticSearch, JSON, Nods.js, Express, AngularJS

Repository : Private

Note : SkyKick is the Cloud based company that automate and helps other companies to transfer their data and services to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Personal Project

HA Cluster – 2019

Description : Built the HA cluster using KVM and Ceph, allow VMs to live migrate to another node in case of node goes down. Scale out the storage, so allow add more drives and nodes to cluster for better performance and bigger space.

Technologies : HA Cluster, Ceph, KVM, Proxmox, Virtualization, VM Live Migration

HomeLab – Fall 2018

Description : Use Dell PowerEdge R720xd Server to deploy multiple services include this website and my repository

Technologies : Dell PowerEdge Server, R720xd, iDrac (IPMI), ZFS, Container, Proxmox, Reverse Proxy

Note : I have some post about this project on my blog. Feel free to check out my blog

CS With James – Summber 2018

Description : Make the Machine Learning tutorial

Technologies : Keras, TensorFlow, Deep Learning, PHP, Bootstrap, MariaDB, Nginx, SQL

Repository : Private Repository

Note : Websites and tutorials are unavailable at this time.

Kaggle Comptetition – Spring 2018

Description : Design and train the Deep Learning Model to solve the competition problems

Technologies : Keras, Classification, Deep Learning, Data Augmentation, DenseNet, GPU Computation

Repository :

Self-Steering-Car – Summer 2017

Description : Inference the Steering wheel angle from the front facing camera

Technologies : TensorFlow, Neural Network, OpenCV, CAN BUS, Linear Regression

Repository :